Kodi on PS4 Installation Guide with No Step Skips

In recent time, kodi is the most popular App to watch or stream high quality videos. Almost all PS4 user are now switching their interest from playing games to the watching qualitative videos.

News revels that Kodi app is now officially launched on the Sony’s Play station. So, every play station user searching for download the Kodi App on their PS4. But I clearing this myth to all of you that Kodi is still not launched for the Play station. 

But here in this article I will show you the installation guide of Kodi on PS4. To get details how to install Kodi on PS4 read article till end.

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Installation guide of Kodi on PS4

First thing that you should know before starting installation is that Kodi is not officially launched on the PS4. But still here I will share you another method to install Kodi on PS4 and PS3. So, follow below steps:
  1. Open the control panel in your PS4 and go to the play station store.
  2. Search for the plex application in the play station store on your PS4 and PS3.
  3. You will see the Download option of the Plex application there.
  4. Just download it and install the Plex App on the play station.
  5.   After successfully download and install plex app on your play station, you can get the full features and can get the experience like using the Kodi on PS4
  6. To get sign in you have to enter few details and do the sign up on the Plex app.
  7. Sometimes you will face error like media server not connected while sign up process.
  8. Then you will have to download plex app on another android device and complete the sign-up process in that.
  9. Then after by using that sing in details you can sign in the Plex app on your PS4.
Plex App on PS4
By just following this simple step you will get the same experience as like as you are using Kodi on PS4.

Key features and advantages of Kodi on PS4

There are several advantages and features of the Kodi app which are listed below:
  • Main advantage of the Kodi app is that you can get the best experience of the Streaming high-quality HD videos on your play station instead of Playing games. This application is designed and launched by the XBMC foundation.
  • They have launched this application of different platforms like windows, Linux, android, iOSPC, Laptop, Computer etc.
  • Many interesting add-ons available in the market for the Kodi application to support most of the language of the world.

Kodi application is also available on different devices:

  1.  Kodi is available on PS4 & PS3
  2.  It is also available on Mac, MacBook pro, and MacBook
  3. You can also use Kodi on android TV Box


Kodi on Ps4 is not officially launched by the XBMC foundation as of now. But it will soon launch. To get the same user experience I have shared alternate trick in this article.  There is also another method available to download Kodi on PS4. But it is so lengthy and worthless. You should use this trick to get Experience of Kodi on PS4.

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